Applying to Juku


At Takahashi Juku Ltd., we specialize in individualized one-to-one tutoring. A student’s needs and progress are his/her teacher’s only focus, which allows for greater lesson-engagement and accountability on everyone’s parts. 

*In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, Juku has switched for the time being to 1-to-1 online tutoring using Zoom, a free application accessible at Our Office Staff can assist you in setting this up. Please call us at 808-949-3366 or email us at to arrange an online session (space is very limited).

Our programs adapt to each student through the following ways:

Evaluation: Before his/her first session, a student will take an evaluation test. The results of this exam, as well as the student’s performance in the first few sessions, will be used to determine the focus and pace of the student’s curriculum. This will also give parents an estimate of how many hours a child will likely need to reach his/her specific goals.

Customization: The work a student accomplishes during the sessions are supplemented by a curriculum that continuously adapts to his/her needs. As the student’s skills improve and knowledge expands, the student will be presented with materials of increasing difficulty to ensure that he/she is challenged throughout the program.

Tracking Progress: A student’s progress is tracked during each session. During the school year, we typically meet with students 2 times a week for 1 hour each session. During the summer, students usually attend Juku 3-5 times a week to cover more ground. In addition to lessons, sessions will include reviewing and assigning homework, administering practice exams, and providing drills. The curriculum will constantly evolve with the student 

The Right Mentor: A strong and joyful connection between a student and his/her tutor is crucial. The better the connection between the student and his/her tutor, the more motivated both parties will be before, during, and after the sessions. For this reason, we work directly with parents and students to find the best pairing for the child.

For more information about current subject offerings, please contact us at 949-3366 or here.