Our History

*In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, Juku has switched for the time being to 1-to-1 online tutoring using Zoom, a free application accessible at www.zoom.us.

Our Office Staff can assist you in setting this up. Please call us at 949-3366 or email us at drtakahashijuku@gmail.com to arrange an online session (space is very limited).

Dr. Toshiaki Takahashi
Ph.D. of Psychology from UH Manoa (1986)
M.A. and B.A. from Tokyo University of Education 

In Japan, “jukus” are private institutions that prepare students for the nation’s rigorous private school entrance examinations. This type of education has been popular in Japan since the 12th century when temples, which were the main educational institutions for hundreds of years, practiced one-on-one training. 

In 1968, when he was a full-time student at Tokyo University of Education, Dr. Takahashi established and ran successful jukus in Kawasaki and Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Tokyo University of Education with his M.A., Dr. Takahashi moved to Hawaii in 1974 to commence his Ph.D. program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. While working as a Ph.D.-candidate and supporting his growing family, Dr. Takahashi began tutoring students in Honolulu. In 1977, Dr. Takahashi opened Juku’s doors on Algaroba Street and, later, South King Street, where Juku has remained for the last few decades. 

Initially, Juku served Hawaii’s Japanese expat community, familiarizing recently relocated children to the American school system. Attendance at Juku swelled to more than 200 students through the 1980s, and Juku became known in the community for specializing in admission to Hawaii’s top private schools. Today, Juku is Hawaii’s preeminent preparatory school for gaining admission to Hawaii’s and the nation’s most competitive schools. 

“Welcome to our community of educators and learners. My fundamental philosophy is that each student can realize his or her greatest potential through individualized, humanistic education. I believe that one academic-year’s-worth of material can be accomplished within 20 hours of personalized instruction. I encourage you to explore our website, visit our school, and meet our dedicated team. Thank you very much.” –Dr. Takahashi

Takahashi Juku, Ltd. has made a historic commitment to providing families with the highest quality in tutorial services in Hawaii for 40 years. We thank you for your time in visiting our website, and we hope to see you soon!