Pre-K & Kindergarten Admissions


Every year, we prepare over 50 pre-K students for admission to the top private kindergartens in the state. Nearly all of our littlest of students were referred to us by other happy families who participated in our program or are the younger siblings of those who went through it just a year or more earlier. Knowing that the kindergarten admissions process can be daunting and stressful for families, we tailor our pre-K curriculum to each child while prioritizing the child’s well-being above all else at all times. The result is that our young learners enjoy coming to Juku to meet their friends, play, and learn. Our program is constantly evolving, but, at a minimum, it encompasses:

  • Fine-motor skill, verbal expression, and listening comprehension development;
  • Logic, memory, problem-solving, and mathematical skills;
  • Social and emotional training for individual and group interviews;
  • Early reading and writing training, incorporating phonics skills and more advance vocabulary;
  • Activities that increase school readiness and self confidence;
  • Guidance for parents on how to support their children’s continued development at home; and 
  • Guidance for parents with the private school application and general admissions process.

For more detailed information or an evaluation of your child, please contact us at 949-3366 or here.

Takahashi Juku, Ltd. is not affiliated with and does not guarantee admission to any other educational institution, including Punahou and Iolani Schools.