We are Hawaii’s go-to school for Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) preparation. 

The SSAT is a 4-part, multiple-choice exam administered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board for private school admissions. Hawaii private schools use SSAT scores to assess how well an applicant may perform in their school settings. It is a common measurement of academic capability, separate from school records, and is instrumental for admissions into Hawaii’s top private schools. For students in grades 7 through 11, the SSAT predicts how well these same students might score on the SAT. The test is conducted at 3 levels, depending on the child’s grade. Students entering grades 8 to 11 must take the Upper Level test. Students entering grades 5 to 7 must take the Middle Level test. And students entering grades 3 or 4 qualify for the Elementary Level test.

Achieving a high score on the SSAT is critical to be a competitive applicant, and the earlier a child begins in preparing for the SSAT, the better his/her chances of achieving a high score. Our students who scored 99% across the board on the 2016 and 2017 SSATs did so after hours of diligent study with their Juku mentors who learned their strengths and weaknesses and taught them the substance and skills needed for consistent, outstanding performance. All material and skills are adapted to the child’s needs and overseen by Dr. Takahashi. In addition to providing one-to-one tutoring, we administer a practice SSAT for our students every month. 

“[O]ur older son started in the SSAT program. He went from scoring 13% to 99% in every section of the real test. We were shocked. They also prepped him for his group interview and essay. On the big day, he went in confident and came out SO happy. He said it was the best day ever. As parents, hearing that is a huge relief after all the efforts. We got the same tutors every time and they adapted the programs to our boys. They gave us detailed advice for work at home after each lesson and we made appointments if we needed more time. They even helped us prep the confusing applications. They really are full service. The best part as a parent is that both our boys loved going so much that we never had to push them. They also LOVED the prizes they could score. Juku is worth it for their experience, customized education and workshops. 90 acceptances went to their students last year and our boys got to start their new schools with their juku friends.” — R.L.

We have over 200 students at any given time, so space in our school and time with our experienced SSAT-tutors are limited. For more information on our SSAT program or to schedule a free assessment for your child, please contact us at 949-3366 or here.

Takahashi Juku, Ltd. is not affiliated with and does not guarantee admission to any other educational institution, including Punahou and Iolani Schools.