Tuition & Fees


Thank you very much for your consideration of Takahashi Juku, Ltd.

The initial step is the Evaluation, through which we can efficiently determine approximately how many hours are needed to reach specific goals. We also spend this time to meet with you and answer your questions. If you do decide to enroll at our school, you can purchase hours to commence tutoring. Some families purchase hours on an hour-by-hour basis while others purchase 20-200 hours at a time; it is up to you.

We are a full-service tutorial institute, but the services we are most frequently asked about are the following:

  • Evaluation/Consultation = $50
  • 1-to-1 In-Person and Online Tutoring** = $97.00 an hour + tax **In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, Juku has switched temporarily to 1-to-1 online tutoring using Zoom, a free application accessible at Our Office Staff can assist you in setting this up.
  • Practice Test = $160.00 + tax
  • Workshops Complimentary for current students.

To learn the Current Specials as well as pricing on other services (e.g., Pre-K Practice Group Lessons, Private School Application Assistance, Individual and Group Interview Practice), please contact us at 949-3366 or here.


*We accept all major credit cards. An additional service fee of 2.83% is added to all credit card charges.